Please CLICK HERE to submit your interest for a Director, Co-President, or Vice-President Position


Please see Club By-Laws for description of each Club Officer position below:

Co-President (2 positions)

Vice President, Programs (2 positions)

Vice President, Corporate Partners (1 of 2 positions)

Vice President, Technology & Communications

Vice President, Finance


There are 3 Director positions currently open. Club By-Laws allow for up to 9 Directors. 


Who is eligible for a Vice President position?

  • Any paid Member of the Club, excluding Wharton Faculty

Who is eligible for a Board of Director position?

  • Any paid Member of the Club, excluding Wharton MBA Students and Wharton Faculty
  • Senior Executive who meets "fit and proper" requirements for a Director in accordance with Mauritius regulations
  • Has some prior experience as a Committee Member, Country Director, Sector Chair, Club Officer, Director, Executive Board
  • Co-President: Has prior operational WCA experience as a Committee Member up

Who can Vote?

  • Any paid Club Member
  • For 2017 Elections, WCA is using the online Helios Voting Platform recommended by The Wharton School
  • Voters login using either their google/gmail or facebook account


March 31, 2017                  

Interested in Director, Co-President, or Vice President position? Welcome! Please contact any current Director/Vice President for informal chat, and to answer any questions

Please submit your Interest by COMPLETING FORM AT TOP OF PAGE!

April 8, 2017

 Candidate Video Conference for Q&A with Club Members

April 8-22, 2017

 Voting Period by Club Members using online Helios Voting Platform

April 23, 2017

 Elected 2017/2018 Club Officers & Directors announced to Club